• Do not miss those 21 Ferrari at Retromobile 2016


    Retromobile is one of the finest exhibitions of old vehicles in the world. This is a good opportunity every year to admire beautiful cars and especially beautiful classic Ferrari. What were the most outstanding Ferrari in this 2016 Retromobile edition? Here is a review to discover the Ferrari that should not be missed.


    Visiting Retromobile is every year the opportunity to meet other members of TheFerrarista. It is also an opportunity to discuss with the organizers of the various events that will punctuate the coming year and to see the recognized industry professionals. The Ferrari world is relatively small.


    It is also an excellent opportunity to admire rare Ferrari. Here is the most remarkable Ferrari that this 2016 edition offered over the aisles. You will not find here the Ferrari that were sold in the auction rooms, which were widely publicized, such as the Ferrari 335 S that sold for 32 million euros.


    Here are, rather in order of personal preference, the 21 Ferrari that you should not miss in Retromobile, or an up session if you did not get there this year.


    1. Ferrari 250 Cabriolet Pininfarina serie 2 : produced at 200 units between 1959 and 1962



    Another copy after restoration at Ferrari Classiche :







    2. Ferrari 365 California (1966) : only 14 units produced (one per month):





    3. Ferrari 340 America :



    4. Ferrari 512 BB Competizione : 4 units produced in 1978 before the 512 BB LM





    5. Ferrari F40 LM (1993) : #18 of 19 produced by Michelotto (between 850 and 900 hp)





    6. Ferrari 250 GT SWB (1962) : 165 units built (90 Strada + 75 Competizione), thank you Georges for the information!)





    Another copy restored by Ferrari Classiche in 2010 (93 steel copies produced)



    7. Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spyder : the last of the 123 copies, produced in Oro Chiaro



    8. Ferrari 250 SWB California Spyder (1961) :



    9. Ferrari 250 GT LWB Tour de France (1959) : serie 4, with 42 265 kilometers





    10. Ferrari 275 GTS : ex-Raquel Welch on the booth of Touring Superleggera who restored it. Chassis #7359 in blue Caracalla.Ferrari-330-GTS.jpg.47748245c9812134b002


    Another copy on the MMC Stand: chassis #8015 from 1965



    11. Ferrari 250 GT Coupé :



    12. Ferrari 250 Europa chassis court : chassis #0297EU, 2 units, 1953



    13. Ferrari 288 GTO : the asking price for this copy (# 52475), with very few kilometers, was 2.25 million





    15. Ferrari 250 GT Lusso :



    Another almost identical copy



    16. Ferrari 312 : Formula 1 from 1966 to 1969, here the chassis #007 from 1967



    17. Ferrari 512 S :



    18. Ferrari 212 Inter Vignale : chassis # 0161EL, that finished second in the Panamericana 1951 with Ascari and Villoresi at the wheel.



    19. Ferrari 250 S : chassis #0156ET



    and a Ferrari 225 S, chassis # 0152EL (Aureil Thanks for the info!)



    20. Ferrari 512 BB :



    21. Dino 246 GT orange



    Finally, a video of some pictures I took there, to see the Ferrari, and other marquees, in dynamic:



    Which of these is your favorite Ferrari? In which order ? Were you at Retromobile for this 2016 edition? Are there any other Ferrari present at Rétromobile you would put on this list? Do you have more informations on those presented here?


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    User Feedback

    Merci bernwizard et Lord Brett pour vos commentaires.

    Je mets à jour les noms de ces Ferrari suite aux remarques reçues.


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    Les BPC, c'est 90 strada dont cette 4065 gt + 75 competizione = 165 et non pas 167.

    Faut se méfier de wiki machin. 


    Pour la 312 F1, je dirai qu'elle est de 1967.

    Châssis 0007 normalement  (à verifier)


    Merci pour les photos.


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    n°19, Ferrari 250 S, tu nous présentes 2 autos différentes.

    La première photo est effectivement une 250 S (châssis 0156ET), mais sur la seconde photo il s'agit d'une 225 S (châssis 0152EL)


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    J'avoue pour ma part être fan de la F40 LM et de la 250 GT Coupé! Merci de me les réserver et de les livrer à mon domicile! :P



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    Merci Georges, Lord Brett et Aureil pour vos informations.

    C'est chouette d'avoir des données complémentaires sur les Ferrari vues à Rétromobile.

    Je mets à jour l'article car ces informations complètent bien les photos.


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