• 6 important points to remember for the 10 years of Ferrarista


    10 years already! I feel like it was yesterday. If you were not there at the beginning of Ferrarista, knowing its milestones, its anecdotes, is interesting to understand Ferrarista today, with its successes and its limitations, and therefore what it can bring you, imagining tomorrow. Here is a summary of the 6 important points to remember about these 10 years.

    1. Basically, Ferrarista is a blog!

    In 2007, I created the blog racingdriver.fr. The idea for me was to learn concretely what you can do with a blog, IT is my job. To combine business with pleasure, the main theme was sports car, one of my passions, as you surely if you read these lines.

    I admit it, I was not at my first attempt. In 2000, when it was released, I bought an Audi TT Roadster and took part in the very first European meeting of this model, organized in Great Britain. I had been received incredibly, as a member of their family. What an experience! Back in France, I decided to create the Clan TT, in order to find the same magic, oriented towards the human, on the French soil.


    From the beginning of 2008, on RacingDriver.fr, I write articles about my experience as a Ferrari owner: my invoices, the problems encountered, the outings I can participate in ... I do not hide anything in order for you to project yourself and take the step in your turn, becoming an owner of Ferrari, knowingly. At the time, on the internet, many people talk about Ferrari without having ever owned and peddle many "they say".

    2. Our DNA: the first-time buyer at Ferrari


    In the genes of Ferrarista, in its DNA, there is therefore the orientation to first-time buyer. It really makes me very happy when a member tells me that it is thanks to Ferrarista that he has realized his dream of owning a Ferrari, which he would never have dared to cross without all the information that he found here. And it is very regularly the case. We allow your dream to come true, while often it seemed inaccessible (fear of maintenance costs, being alone with your Ferrari, to find a problem copy, etc.).

    If DNA is the first-time buyer, it also means that there is no "little" Ferrari, that all owners are welcome, that it is not a question of flattering egos, and that events are organized in such a way that the cost is not prohibitive for some owners.

    Very quickly the articles of the blog are oriented only Ferrari, the name becomes Ferrarista.fr and the readers ask me to add a forum there. Because on the blog, they can only discuss the subject of my articles, which limits the discussions.

    3. Ferrarista is a community

    After several months of reflection, because I know from experience how long a forum will ask me to walk well, the forum Ferrarista is created in late 2011. It starts with a small group that already knows the blog, met on Ferrari events and appreciates. Immediately, the friendly tone is given to the forum.


    Some ideas complete to ensure a good start, such as creating a Ferrari owner status. This makes it possible to know that the one who writes intervenes knowingly, and ensures the credibility of the forum. This requires the owners to meet to obtain the precious sesame, to go from virtual to real, so increases the friendliness.


    Some members ask me who pays for all this (the site, the software, the domain name, the storage space, ...)? Me all alone ? It's not possible, how can they contribute? Thus was born the idea of the Ferrarista sticker, to affix on your windshields, which makes it possible to recognize oneself on the Ferrari events and to ensure the perenniality of the site.



    4. Help you live the best possible experience with your Ferrari

    Once Ferrarista has helped you to take the plunge, to acquire your Ferrari, what to do then? We accompany you every day, so that you do not stay alone in your corner, so that you can live the best Ferrari experience possible, accompanied by expert owners. Ferrari can not bring it to you, but the other owners, who want to live something special with their Ferrari, yes!

    The best possible experience, it begins to succeed to preserve our initial spirit: of the conviviality, no headache (reason for which Ferrarista is not an association), of the simplicity, the quality in the reception which is offered to you by the Ferrarista community.



    The best possible experience is also the quality of the help you find there. How to find the best insurance? Where to service my Ferrari? How to meet other cool owners near my home? I have such noise / worry, have you ever met it? How much will it cost me? etc.


    5. From virtual to real: 10 years of Ferrari events

    The best experience is also the opportunity for you to participate in the best Ferrari events. Ferrarista allows you to easily meet other owners like you on the internet. The next natural step is to meet them in real life with your Ferrari.



    It is impossible to list all the Ferrari events that we organized, or in which we participated, with Ferrarista. The list would be really long, especially if we add all the local events organized by members of the Ferrarista community.



    To name just a few, there was the organization of the 15 years of the Ferrari F355, trips to Maranello and Mille Miglia, charity events in Le Havre, ... we participated in the 500 Ferrari against cancer, at the Le Mans Classic, at the Chantily Arts and Elegance elegance contest, at the baptisms of the GT du coeur at the Telethons, at the 70th anniversary of Ferrari at Maranello, etc.

    6. The next 10 years of Ferrarista

    This article is necessarily too short! There would be so many things to tell you about choices, anecdotes, meetings, ... there is enough to write you an entire book!


    10 years, we have to celebrate it, it's an important step, and we did it in Maranello! A beautiful Ferrarista dinner was organized in September during the 70th anniversary of Ferrari in Maranello. It allowed us to bring together a good fifty members. A big moment !

    10 years is also an opportunity to remember where we come from to better prepare the future. How do you see it? For example, since we are on a blog, which articles would you like to see published? What are your problems as a Ferrari owner today, for which we could provide an answer? What experiences would you like to live with the Ferrarista community?


    User Feedback

    Il y a 1 heure, dragon1964 a dit :

    10 ans c'est beaucoup et c'est peu, mais que le temps passe vite quand il s'agit de passer de bons moments, sur le forum au quotidien, puis en quelques occasions sur les différents événements ou les rencontres réelles se font...


    Bravo à toi @Franck qui a eu la lumineuse idée de créer ce forum et de l'animer, et merci à toutes celles et ceux qui y participent dont certains, grâce aux rencontres, sont devenus de vrais potes!!

    Allez c'est reparti pour au moins 10 ans de plus avec de beaux échanges et de belles rencontres...B)

    @dragon1964, Oui, je n'ai pas l'impression que c'était il y a 10 ans, mais plutôt la moitié. Car cela passe vite quand le temps est bien rempli.!

    C'est quand je parcours les répertoires de chaque événement pour trouver des photos pour illustrer l'article, que je me rends compte qu'il y en a des dizaines et des dizaines ... que de superbes moments passés avec les membres de Ferrarista ! On a envie de signer de suite pour 10 ans de plus, tout en sachant qu'ils seront forcément différents.

    Se faire des potes autour d'une passion commune, cela n'a pas de prix, ça change la vie, encore plus quand il s'agit de Ferrari (i.e. plus compliqué car moins de propriétaires).


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    il y a une heure, Phoenix85 a dit :

    Je me rappelle être venu pour avoir des avis sur la 308 GT4 et une année après je finis avec une 599 GTB.

    Super forum, où les personnes sont passionnées de Ferrari , mais aussi réaliste. Et comme tu le mentionnes @Franck, tous les propriétaires de Ferrari ont leur place ici, que ça soit une récente, vielle, neuve ou d'occasion. 

    @Phoenix85 : c'est intéressant de nous rappeler cetre anecdote à propos de ta Ferrari 599 GTB ! Avec les avis des experts présents sur Ferrarista, on est aidé dans ses choix et parfois on change d'avis.


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    merci pour toutes les belles sorties que tu nous a concocté depuis toutes ces années,avec les rencontres de super membres prés a nous aider

    dans nos petits soucis de mécanique ,et ceux qui nous transporte dans leur ferrari en voyage a Maranello (merci encore a Bernard)

    longue vie a the Ferrarista.fr


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    J'ai fais le grand saut grâce au Forum.

    Merci Franck pour cette idée et la mise en place de cet outil de communication.

    Merci à tous les participants.


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    un forum très agréable et utile , juste une question @Franck  concernant la mention qui m'interpelle depuis plusieurs années,  pourquoi " Ferrari owners only " sous le nom du forum ?



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    Bravo Franck,


    Et mille mercis pour la belle camaraderie qui résulte de ce forum, un forum de passionnés bien loin des "concours de quequette" de ceux qui veulent l'avoir plus belle, plus récente, plus droite, plus chère, mais qui ne savent pas en profiter.

    Une grande réussite.:) 


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