• 8 Ferrari gifts not to be mistaken for Christmas


    Christmas 2017 is fast approaching. What gift to offer, or what gift could please you, related to the Ferrari world? And if possible easy to order and quick to receive? Here is our selection to help you in this critical moment, so as not to deceive you:


    1. Ferrari - 70 ans de modèles mythiques


    The year 2017 is marked by the 70 years of Ferrari, and many books were released on this occasion. This book written by the team of the magazine Sport Auto, retraces the history of Ferrari through its mythical models. In this book that has just been published, you will find anecdotes, analyzes and statistics.




    Ferrari - 70 ans de modèles mythiquesir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=226315


    2. Ferrari - Les 70 ans de la Scuderia


    Always written by the team of Sport Auto, this book focuses on the history of racing Ferrari and legendary drivers who ran for the brand with the prancing horse. In particular, you will find the history of Ferrari in F1 with the legend of Michael Schumacher, Gilles Villeneuve, Niki Lauda, etc.




    Ferrari - Les 70 ans de La Scuderiair?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=226315


    3. Ferrari, 70 years


    Another beautiful book dedicated to the 70 years of Ferrari, which was written by Dennis Adler, historian and photographer. This is an American book, translated into French, which traces the entire Ferrari adventure, since the beginning of Enzo Ferrari. Interesting especially for the links between Ferrari and the United States, with the models designed specifically for this market.




    Ferrari, 70 ansir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B01NAD


    4. Ferrari, the best

    This book was written by an Italian, Leo Turini, specialist in F1 and in particular Ferrari. It tells the story of Ferrari, its legendary models, its victories in competition, Enzo Ferrari, but also its fans, owners and iconic places related to Ferrari.




    FERRARI, THE BESTir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=285120


    5. Ferrari - 2018 calendar

    This time, you will find beautiful photos of Ferrari's legendary models, taken in the studio, to accompany you throughout the year 2018. You will have every day under the eyes the sublime Ferrari 250 GTO, the Ferrari 250 GT SWB , the Ferrari 250 LM, etc.




    Ferrari - 2018 Calendar


    6. Thrustmaster - Ferrari T300 steering wheel with alcantara - Replica of the Ferrari 599XX

    A Ferrari-licensed return force steering wheel, in true alcantara, the same as in the Ferrari, and with the associated pedals. You will believe you're driving the fabulous Ferrari 599XX EVO with your games on PC and PlayStation.


    Thrustmaster - Volant T300 Ferrari Steering Wheel Alcantara Edition - Replica of the Ferrari 599XX Evo- PC/PS3/PS4ir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B014UO


    7. Kyosho - Ferrari 250 GTO 


    A magnificent Ferrari 250 GTO at home ... at 1 / 18th for a fraction of its price! Made by Kyosho, which guarantees the attention to detail and quality of manufacture. The copy reproduced is # 8437R which was produced in 1962.



    Kyosho - 8437R - Ferrari 250 Gto - 1962 - Echelle 1/18 - Rougeir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B01LY5


    8. Scuderia Ferrari watch

    And why not a beautiful Ferrari watch, which you can wear every day, to always remember the one in your garage? Several colors are available, according to your tastes, including this Rosso Corsa from the Scuderia Ferrari.



    Scuderia Ferrari Watch 830387ir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B01MT6


    What gift related to the Ferrari world did you plan to offer or did you ask in your list to Santa?

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