• Tighten the leather of the airbag of your Ferrari in 5 steps by PhilM


    Over the years, it is recurring on Ferrari that the leather in the cabin relaxes in places, especially at the passenger airbag. The first solution is to take the time to find the right specialist to make an appointment, to deposit your Ferrari then pick her up. And good work is not cheap. Can't you do it yourself, quicker and cheaper? PhilM offers, through its tutorial to tighten the leather airbag his Ferrari 575M, to discover the steps to have the pleasure to do it by yourself on your Ferrari.


    Your Ferrari leather will tend to relax especially if you leave it in the sun or if you live in the south of France. This is indeed the heat which causes the leather to shrink and the glue is no longer working. You can regularly observe this phenomenon in the interiors of Ferrari F355, Ferrari 456 or Ferrari 550 Maranello, for example. To prevent this problem at most, you have to regularly maintain your leather by cleaning and nourishing it. When the damage is done, this is what it may look like before action:




    Step 1: activate the circuit breaker to disable the airbag


    I advise you to inquire beforehand about the handling of airbags, there are precautions to take and everything you do will be at your own risk. For starters, think about opening the passenger door.

    You can then operate the circuit breaker (circled in red in the picture). Because obviously if you do it before opening the door, the window remains in high position ... :D




    Step 2: Remove the door of the glove


    Open the glove box and remove the screw 1 (circled in red on the photo) with Allen key 6 sections of 3 mm. Attention, the mechanism that holds the door of the glove box has a strong spring.




    Then remove the screw 2 (green arrow in the photo) with a Phillips screwdriver. I stuck the handle with a 2nd screwdriver to help me (especially practical at reassembly). Then you can release the lever completely.




    It is not necessary to completely remove the door of the glove, but it is not difficult and it simplifies things. You have to remove 4 screws (always 3 mm Allen key). In the photo you can see a screwdriver (green arrow) in the screw hole that holds the lever. It was just to help me for holes centering during reassembly. Besides, if you can have an Allen wrench with a handle like a screwdriver it will be much more convenient than a "L" key.




    then remove the door of the metal amount sandwiched inside.




    To remove the glove box, you have to remove 6 Phillips screws: 4 black on the upper part (circled in green) and 2 from below, metallic (circled in red).




    You also have a screw to loose that is just beneath the bottom. In the photo, she is pointed in red, but the plastic tab of the box is not inserted (photo taken during reassembly).




    You can then carefully remove the glove box. There are 3 wires to disconnect: the 2 connectors of the bulb, you just have to pull over,




    And a third connector that clips:




    Step 3: Remove the passenger airbag


    I don't have any photos of nuts holding the airbag unit in place, as they are not very visible. There are four, they are 10mm nuts. The easiest way to remove them is a small wrench 1/4 10mm socket with an extension for the upper left that is the most difficult to access (socket wrench surrounded in blue in the picture)




    Once the 4 screws are removed, you can remove the airbag block, knowing that it is still plugged in and the connector must be removed from the bracket before being unclipped.

    Here is the airbag block removed with the back on the stems which come to put the bolts that hold the block in place:




    Step 4: take off the leather


    I decided not to remove all the leather of the airbag, but only the part that is taking already off. For this I used a refined plastic spatula which does not damage the leather (well, this is a dog-headed tongue depressor but it does the trick :D).




    To prevent debris, or anything else, to fit into the airbag, I wrapped in plastic film and masking adhesive.




    Step 5: sand and glue the leather


    I didn't do photo of the work that followed, but it is largely the longest and the most painful. It is necessary to remove the entire residual glue on the leather and plastic. There is a sub-layer of foam on the front that I have not touched. I then finely sanded surfaces (leather and plastic rim without foam).


    Then I tried to replace the leather when cold but it was impossible to get a satisfactory result. With a steam iron, I planned to steam on the leather and have stretched it with small pliers (homemade) put on the plastic rim. I did it a little every day for about a week to get a result that suited me.


    To glue it, I used a bomb with contact glue for the large surfaces and a liquid glue tube for the corners. You reassemble everything, following the above steps in reverse, and here's the end result:




    Do you have questions regarding additional details about this operation? Do you have the leather of your Ferrari that shrinks? What model of Ferrari and where? Do you fix it yourself? If you have already done, what additional advice would you give?


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    User Feedback

    Alors là, chapeau bas et total respect...:):)

    Merci pour ce très beau autorail dans lequel tout semble facile.

    En plus, ton intérieur à l'air somptueux...



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    C'est vrai que c'est chouette de voir ce bel intérieur retrouver toute sa splendeur !

    Merci PhilM pour ce photo-reportage bien détaillé. ;)

    Il permet de se rendre compte du travail à accomplir, et même si on décide de ne pas le faire soi-même, on sait mieux le travail que cela représente et quoi demander à l'artisan sellier.


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    Le résultat est à la hauteur de la qualité du travail :P



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    Posted (edited)

    je profite du like de @bernard ;) pour faire le point 1 an après

    ça tombe bien, je viens de me faire une petite virée en solitaire (j'en parlerai ailleurs ...) et je me suis fait la réflexion que le résultat restait très correct même s'il faut bien dire que c'est bien mieux lorsqu'il fait un peu chaud, cet hiver lorsque j'ai eu l'occasion de prendre la Maranello c'est un petit peu plus plissé


    une petite photo prise à l'instant



    Edited by philM

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    Avec l'age c'est comme la peau du C**, ça se detend




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