• Ferrari 308 and 328 buying guide : the cosmetic aspects (2/3)


    After seing all the different versions of Ferrari 308 and 328 in its first part, this buying guide offers you now to discover all the cosmetic aspects. The different wheels, different colors of carpet and leather, countless exterior colors, etc. You won't miss a thing to imagine the Ferrari of your dreams or to discover that this Ferrari 308 was assembled with parts from different model years. A big THANK YOU goes to TripleBlack®, Speedy, Sebino, Yves and ScuderiaCH for writing and making available to other members of TheFerrarista.com this incredible source of information on the Ferrari 308 and 328!


    1. Rims:

    5 spokes (Daytona style) Campagnolo, originally in 14" diameter (Michelin XWX tires 205/70-14) and 6"1/2 wide (with 7"1/2 as option). Two other manufacturers appear over the production time frame: Cromodora then Speedline. Even if the design is basically the same, one can notice small differences between the brands (different angles and finishes, stickers on Campagnolo and Speedline, brand embossed on Cromodora). The central insert of the wheel is made of thick plastic on early versions giving a blurred aspect to the « Cavallino rampante ».




    2. Carpet color codes:

    Nero (80), Rosso (81), Testa di Moro (83), Blu (84), Bruciato (85) replaced by Castoro (172) from year 1981.




    3. Upholstery designs and color codes:


    3.1 Upholstery designs (1976/1980 - 1981/1985 - 1986/1989):




    3.2 Upholstery color codes:

    Nero (VM8500), Beige (VM3218 become VM4208 from end of ye    ar 1988 and chassis 79662), Crema (VM3997), Sabbia (VM3234), Blu (VM3282), Rosso (VM3171), Testa di Moro (VM890), Tabacco (VM846), Nuvola (VM3015).





    4. Paint codes:


    4.1 From 1975 to 1980:

    Opaque colors : Rosso Chiaro (20-R-190), Rosso Dino (20-R-350), Blu Scuro Dino (20-A-357), Azzuro Dino (20-A-349), Nuovo Giallo Fly (20-Y-490), Bianco Polo Park (20-W-152), Nero (20-B-50), Blu Montecarlo (20-A-548).




    Metallic colors : Verde Pino (106-G-30), Verde Medio (106-G-29), Blu Dino (106-A-72), Blu Sera (106-A-18), Azzuro (106-A-32), Marrone Dino (106-M-73), Grigio Ferro (106-E-8), Oro Chiaro (106-Y-137), Argento Auteuil (106-E-1), Rosso Rubino (106-R-83), Rosso (133-R-10).




    4.2 From mid 1981 to 1983:

    Opaque colors : Bianco (FER100), Giallo (FER102), Rosso Corsa (FER300), Rosso Dino (FER301), Azzuro (FER500), Blu Scuro (FER501), Nero (FER1240).




    Metallic colors : Argento Auteuil (FER101/C), Oro Chiaro (FER103/C), Rosso Rubino (FER302/C), Marrone (FER303/C), Azzuro (FER502/C), Blu Chiaro (FER503/C), Blu Sera (FER504/C), Verde Medio (FER600/C), Verde Pino (FER601/C),  Grigio (FER700/C).




    4.3 From 1984 to 1989:

    Opaque colors : Bianco (FER100), Giallo (FER102), Rosso Corsa (FER300/6 then FER300/9 during year 1988), Nero (FER1240).




    Metallic colors : Verde Scuro (603/C), Verde Chiaro (602/C), Verde Tenue (604/C), Blu Chiaro (503/C), Blu Sera (504/C), Azzuro (505/C), Blu Medio (506/C), Marrone (800/C), Grigio (700/C), Oro Chiaro (104/C), Argento (101/C), Rosso (305/C), Prugna (306/C), NeroFer (901/C).




    4.4 Paint codes from 1973 to 1980 specific to the Ferrari 308 GT4:

    Avorio Safari (20-Y-546), Azzuro Cielo (20-A-547), Blu (20-A-185), Rosso (20-R-187), Prugna (20-R-549), Nero (20-B-50), Rosso Bordeaux (20-R-351).




    4.5 Color not in the catalogue:

    A color ordered on a special order « off the standard catalog » maybe encountered from time to time. Thus we have found a single (so far…), a Verde Germoglio (20-G-465) « vetroresina » 308 GTB and a Rosso Barchetta (FRE312) US model Ferrari 308 GTBi.





    5. Differences between export standards:

    - Indicators/front position lights white until mid 1977 (except white/orange for German cars from the beginning and orange lights for U.S. cars) then white/orange on all cars except U.S. all orange.




    - Rear all orange SIEM turning lights on carbureted European cars, reversing lights in the bumper. On U.S. cars and Euro cars after assembly number #601, reverse lights included in the center of the indicator light (Carello).

    - On all U.S. cars, more prominent bumpers with integrated shock absorbers, body panels reinforcements, lower rear apron (or « diaper »), four exhaust pipes, specific front compartment layout (specific standards on impact full size spare wheel unlike Euro cars). Large rectangular repeaters position lights on front fenders (larger than on Euro cars) and rectangular side marker lights on the rear fender. « Flags » rear view mirrors on steel bodies. Speedometer in MpH calibrated up to 180. « Seat belt » indicator on dashboard, large hand brake and starter lights. ABS indicator from 1988, large handbrake and starter lights.




    - On German models, rear engine cover vents flush to the sheet metal and lateral scoops in the doors body fitted with grids.




    This second article from the buying guide of Ferrari 308 and 328 introduced you in detail the different cosmetic choices on these models. Does your Ferrari 308 or 328 has other cosmetic characteristics? What other questions would you like to get an answer regarding the cosmetic aspects of the Ferrari 308 and 328?


    The next and final article in this series will give you buying advices from owners of these models. You will learn specifically what are the known problems of these models and how to fix them.


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    User Feedback

    Génial, c'est vraiment très interessant de découvrir toutes ces infos

    Merci aux spécialistes du forum...


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    Vraiment idéal pour un futur acheteur ! Une mine d'information, bravo !


    Une remarque sur les jantes en 16". Il me semble qu'elles étaient en option sur les Ferrari 308 QV (au moins au départ) et non pas de série.

    Je crois que cela figure sur la brochure commerciale.

    La mienne (de 1982) est équipé de TRX polie/dépolie.


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    Je te remercie D@vid, effectivement il y a une coquille je vais reprendre cette phrase. L'option était bien noté dans les "options" de l'article précédent mais elle est devenu d'origine dans celui ci. C'est pour cela que c'est important d'être le plus grand nombre à la relecture...


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    Un mot -- SUPER


    Le guide est vraiment bien fait / complet et il reprend toutes les remarques qui sont faites sur le topic des 328.


    Merci à vous pour ce magnifique travail.


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    Pour ma part, je suis étonné de voir, sur les photos présentant les couleurs des moquettes et des selleries, les différentes formes de sièges au fil des années (et des options ?). Peut-être un ajout à effectuer dans une prochaine version ?


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    Pour ma part, je suis étonné de voir, sur les photos présentant les couleurs des moquettes et des selleries, les différentes formes de sièges au fil des années (et des options ?). Peut-être un ajout à effectuer dans une prochaine version ?


    Oui si tu le proposes. J'ai de toute façon quelques ajouts à faire au niveau des photos pour rajouter des détails. Maintenant, il n'y a eu que 3 types de dessin de siège de la 1ère 308 à la dernière 328...

    Je compile le tout et je t'envoi les corrections, je n'ai pas encore eu le temps de le faire...


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