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    Each year, Rétromobile, in the heart of winter, launches the season and lets you see the market trends. Which Ferrari will be in the spotlight this year? Which Ferrari will be on sale? What is the market trend? What new Ferrari books are coming out? Which coachbuilders and vendors stand out and have the wind in their sails? What have the different event organizers prepared for 2018? Retromobile allows you to make a first round of these questions.




    The 50th anniversary of the Ferrari Daytona


    With the 50th anniversary of the iconic Ferrari Daytona being celebrated this year, you could see a lot in this 2018 edition of Rétromobile. You could see the stand of Ferrari Classiche, which seems the least of things, but also on stands of insurers, who know how to put forward.




    In all I counted a dozen Ferrari Daytona present at Rétromobile, which makes it the most present Ferrari! This is exceptional ! Exceptional also, the fact that among this dozen Ferrari Daytona, you could admire two beautiful copies of Ferrari Daytona Spider!





    On the Ferrari Classiche stand, the dust-covered Ferrari Daytona, with cat's footprints, was Japan's famous "barn exit".


    A good ten Ferrari 250 GT Passo Corto


    Equally exceptional, there were almost as many Ferrari 250 GT Passo Corto (or SWB for Short Wheel Base in English) present and mostly almost all on one stand, that of Lukas Hüni. This model is probably my favorite in the classic Ferrari, so seeing as many gathered, I was thrilled!




    A unique copy was present in the lot: the Ferrari 250 GT SWB bodied by Bertone and which is rarely visible. Unfortunately for the photos, he was exposed in the middle of the stand, with many spots shining on his dark blue body.




    The other classic Ferrari

    Among the other classic Ferrari, you first noticed three Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet: a series 1, a series 2 and a California. All three in beautiful condition.




    You then noticed all the Ferrari 275 GTBs present. I counted no less than six. There was also a blue Ferrari 250 GTE, a red Ferrari 275 GTS presented by Gallery Aaldering or a grey Ferrari 330.




    You could also meet, at the turn of a stand, a Ferrari 166 MM, one of the first Ferrari produced by Ferrari. Some Dino were present at Retromobile, but much less than in previous years, from my point of view, as if the fad was a little past.

    Among the rarities, a Ferrari 212 export Vignale from 1951 was exhibited on the stand of Gallery Aaldering. A very nice Ferrari 250 GT Lusso was next to the Sport & Collection stand.




    Ferrari F1 and competition

    Several F1s of the 90s, driven by Alain Prost, Jean Alesi and Gerahrd Berger were present in the alleys of Rétromobile 2018. You could also admire a Ferrari 512 M, driven by David Piper, as well as a Ferrari 512 BB LM of the Ecurie Francorchamps, driven by Beurlys.






    Ferrari under 40 years

    This year there was from my point of view much less recent Ferrari on the stands of different sellers. The list is not exhaustive, but if I look at my photos, I count: two Ferrari F40s, including one on the Movendi stand, a Ferrari Enzo auction, two Ferrari F355, some Ferrari 308 and 328, and two Ferrari BB 512 including a beautiful, restored, brown / gold.




    Following the recent death of Johnny Halliday, one of the trends of this 2018 edition of Rétromobile was the cars that belonged to him. A Ferrari 512 TR, which will be auctioned in March, was exhibited on the Osenat stand.




    Lamborghini Miura at the Polo Storico


    There are many other very interesting automobiles in Retromobiles apart from Ferrari. For example, you can see your grandmother's Renault 4cv, or your father's Renautl 9, in the youngtimers section. You also have Renault taxis of the early twentieth century that offered you a ride outside the exhibition halls.




    My favorite, because it was really beautiful, was the Lamborghini Miura Verde presented on the stand of the Polo Storico Lamborghini. This is another trend, with the presence of the manufacturers' restoration centers at Rétromobile. They all play, including Ferrari, on their archives that they stage to assert their strong point.




    Rétromobile is also a lot of meetings. I had the chance to visit backcountry this year with @Mike051 and Olivier. We met other members of Ferrarista on site, according to the aisles, whose @LUDO and @Caesar Nello.
    This event allows you to take the time to chat with other enthusiasts around the models.

    After a 2017 edition of Rétromobile devoted among other things to the 70th anniversary of Ferrari, this 2018 edition could have seemed very bland to the owners of Ferrari. It is not, as you have read, with, among others, the 50 years of the Ferrari Daytona and the dozen Ferrari 250 GT SWB present.

    Have you been to Retromobile 2018? What are the Ferrari and other models that have the most marked you? What did you notice about the auctions? Do you have questions if you could not get there?


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    - The subject dedicated to the pictures from Retromobile 2018


    In early July 2011, I took delivery of the Ferrari Challenge Stradale. I owned the Ferrari F355 GTS for over three years. Whouah more than seven years already with a Ferrari Challenge Stradale and I feel like it was yesterday. Or say rather the day before yesterday! So what is my feedback while driving in a Ferrari Challenge Stradale during all these years? What are the sensations today at the wheel? What are the associated costs? And by what to replace it eventually?



    1. First impressions at the wheel
    I changed the Ferrari F355 only because of its mileage. At 75,000 kilometers, I told myself that it was necessary:
    - either to keep it, because after all it was the Ferrari of my dreams, the one I had stopped when crossing it for the first time on the road,
    - or to change it because it would become difficult to sell when it had more kilometers. It was still necessary that this change is worth it! When I tried a Ferrari 430 Scuderia as a passenger, I understood that it had nothing to do with it and that, from my point of view, the best experience would be to have owned both.
    I found my Ferrari Challenge Stradale at Dewidehem Automobiles, which took over my Ferrari F355 GTS. From the first laps in the Ferrari Challenge Stradale, I noticed the touch of road. It's amazing this feeling to feel every little pebble on the road and even that feeling of having water come into the cabin when I passed on a first puddle.
    Verification made, not a drop was returned, thankfully! You detect any change in the coating, up to the thickness of the rain film varies for example. I know that sounds crazy! All this is possible thanks to the detailed feedback of information in the steering wheel, in the tub and the total absence of soundproofing.
    2. The recurring pleasures in everyday life
    Seven years later, the pleasures of driving are still there:
    - sensations: The touch of road, I already mentioned above. is really part of the sensations, with all the information reported to the driver, but also to the passenger. Among the sensations, one can also speak of the violence of jolts during the changes of gears. This is not the case at low speed. But the higher you climb, the faster the speeds go. If you are in race mode, it's even faster and more violent because you're in a simple clutch. The next gear is not already pre-engaged as on a double clutch gearbox. When you downshift, you have a shot of gas that is given automatically at the gear shift. It also adds to the sensations, among which the sound sensations.
    - sound: This is the Ferrari with the most enormous sound! Everyone still wonders how Ferrari has managed to homologate such a car. By the magic of the valve exhaust, which only releases the sound beyond 4 200 rpm (threshold that varies according to the gear engaged and the pressure exerted on the accelerator). Since the regulation for sound have continued to harden and Ferrari can no longer produce a car with such sound. To give you an idea, do not imagine being able to talk to your passenger on the highway at 130 km / h. You will have to scream and quickly stop. If you ride faster, on circuit, it's the sound of a real race car. It does not even happen to you to talk. If you add a button to disconnect the valves on demand, you have a race car sound all the time! Awesome !
    - handling: The handling is fabulous. This is normal, the Ferrari Challenge Stradale is a Ferrari 360 Challenge on which the minimum changes have been made to homologate it on the open road. Hence its name. The idea was to be able to join the circuit by the road. The Ferrari Challenge Stradale would be a request from Pozzi, which had previously registered Ferrari F355 Challenge, for customers to join the circuit by road. The Ferrari Challenge Stradale has great behavior, without any electronic help, but watch out for wet roads. I have personally experienced 3 or 4 frights driving on soggy road. It is a car that can be scary, there is no electronic watching.
    - beauty: I do not get tired of it. It was after buying it, reviewing the official photos published by Ferrari when it was released, that I remembered that I put it in the background on my computer at the time. Not because I imagined one day to buy it, it seemed unattainable, but because it was, from my point of view, the best and most beautiful sportcar of the moment. I remember very well the comparison with the Porsche 911 GT3 RS in Top Gear. I did not like the front and the back of the Ferrari 360 Modena. But with the aesthetic changes brought by the Ferrari Challenge Stradale, what a beauty!
    I'll stop there, but we could write pages and pages about the pleasures of the Ferrari Challenge Stradale! Maybe these pleasures are still present in part because I did not ride much with the Ferrari Challenge Stradale. About 15,000 kilometers, an average of 2,000 a year, roughly. It is a little at each exit as if we rediscovered it ... with a lot of fun!


    3. Costs
    In a return of experience, the costs hold an important place! If I can pay for it, will the Ferrari Challenge Stradale not cost me too much in maintenance? Will she be at the garage all the time? Well, the Ferrari Challenge Stradale, like the Ferrari 360 Modena, is a reliable Ferrari.
    Over 7 years, I only needed to carry out annual maintenance and a major overhaul. The belts had been changed on delivery. They must be changed every 5 years, without the need to fall off the engine, thanks to an access hatch located behind the passenger seat. A brake pad change was also performed once and a brake fluid bleed every two years. So basically a little more than 1,000 euros per year on average.
    The other recurring cost is insurance. I bought the Ferrari Challenge Stradale for around 100,000 euros. At the time, it was the normal rate for a copy in this state, with these options. Since the rates have risen and the median amount requested is rather 198 000 euros. The perverse effect of rising rates, when you keep your car, is that the amount of insurance increases, mechanically, since the amount to be insured climbs. Currently I pay 890 euros: all risks, less than 8,000 kilometers per year, 50% bonus, car in a private garage in the Paris region.
    I did a complete detailing at the reception of the Ferrari Challenge Stradale at Auto-Spa and during the last revision, I asked Sebastien at Auto-Spa to do a complete hand wash with a wax. The Ferrari has not moved since its detailing. A slightly damaged tub edge had been repaired like new. There must be less than 1,500 euros in 7 years of cosmetics costs or 200 euros per year for the Challenge Stradale is superb.
    In total, the annual cost over 7 years is more than 2,000 euros per year, which is reasonable, from my point of view, especially if you compare it with the potential, but unrealized (increase in value of several tens of thousands of euros between 2011 and 2018). This cost does not include petrol as it depends on the mileage you make. And do not ask me how much it consumes: I do not know! It's a pleasure car.
    4. The memories of happiness at the wheel
    In 7 years in Ferrari Challenge Stradale, the good memories are necessarily numerous. There was the trip to Maranello in October 2012, along with other members of Ferrarista, to visit the Ferrari factory. There have been some circuits, not enough at the moment, like the Vigeant for Sport & Collection, or the Bugatti circuit, for the Tour Auto.
    There have been many trips with members of Ferrarista and also many baptisms, for the Telethon or baptisms organized with Ferrarista in Le Havre every year. The Ferrari Challenge Stradale has a lot of success, because it's red and because it has the look and sound of a track Ferrari.
    I would have liked to do more, but like everyone else, I must choose my priorities, between young children, real estate projects with rehab, a busy job, family vacations, etc. I still have a lot of things to do with the Ferrari Challenge Stradale and that's good!
    Nevertheless, every trip, even just Sunday morning for it to run regularly, allowing it to rise religiously in temperature, is pure happiness. When everything is hot, switch to Race mode, open valves, shift reports to 8000 rev / min, what a glorious moment! What sound ! Pure happiness! Life is Beautiful !
    5. And after?
    Regularly I am asked what I will replace the Ferrari Challenge Stradale for. I was asked even more during the price spike in 2015 because "it's time to sell".
    But if it were true, what would replace it? The financial gap had become even more important with the Ferrari that could be more desirable than the Ferrari Challenge Stradale. There are few who represent the world of motor racing, which are the genes of Ferrari, which bring as many sensations, even at legal speeds, and modern enough to take it out easily. The Ferrari F40? More difficult to get out and rates have doubled or even tripled.
    The Ferrari 430 Scuderia? It is more powerful and in the same price range, but I would be too afraid to regret this change, losing the specifics of the Ferrari Challenge Stradale. Going even faster, with a Ferrari 430 Scuderia or a Ferrari 458 Speciale, is of very little interest to me. There will always be one that will go even faster when it is especially the driver that needs to be improved.
    The evolution of standards and regulations means that going faster on the open road makes no sense and that new productions are more stingy in terms of sensations. Some customers were unhappy with the Ferrari Challenge Stradale when it was released. It had been relatively little sold compared to its successors, because it was considered too hard, too noisy, too tiring. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia has erased its "defects" which in my eyes are advantages. It's the only one that comes directly from a competition model, in this case the Ferrari 360 Challenge.
    6. Conclusion
    The vast majority of those I see sell their Ferrari Challenge Stradale say they regret. And some buy another. So change it? No, I do not think so. I would rather see myself, one day, buy another Ferrari, complementary. From my point of view, the Ferrari Challenge Stradale is a collector.
    What question do you ask about the Ferrari Challenge Stradale? And if you own one, what complements would you bring with respect to your feedback to this Ferrari?

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    10 years already! I feel like it was yesterday. If you were not there at the beginning of Ferrarista, knowing its milestones, its anecdotes, is interesting to understand Ferrarista today, with its successes and its limitations, and therefore what it can bring you, imagining tomorrow. Here is a summary of the 6 important points to remember about these 10 years.

    1. Basically, Ferrarista is a blog!

    In 2007, I created the blog racingdriver.fr. The idea for me was to learn concretely what you can do with a blog, IT is my job. To combine business with pleasure, the main theme was sports car, one of my passions, as you surely if you read these lines.

    I admit it, I was not at my first attempt. In 2000, when it was released, I bought an Audi TT Roadster and took part in the very first European meeting of this model, organized in Great Britain. I had been received incredibly, as a member of their family. What an experience! Back in France, I decided to create the Clan TT, in order to find the same magic, oriented towards the human, on the French soil.


    From the beginning of 2008, on RacingDriver.fr, I write articles about my experience as a Ferrari owner: my invoices, the problems encountered, the outings I can participate in ... I do not hide anything in order for you to project yourself and take the step in your turn, becoming an owner of Ferrari, knowingly. At the time, on the internet, many people talk about Ferrari without having ever owned and peddle many "they say".

    2. Our DNA: the first-time buyer at Ferrari


    In the genes of Ferrarista, in its DNA, there is therefore the orientation to first-time buyer. It really makes me very happy when a member tells me that it is thanks to Ferrarista that he has realized his dream of owning a Ferrari, which he would never have dared to cross without all the information that he found here. And it is very regularly the case. We allow your dream to come true, while often it seemed inaccessible (fear of maintenance costs, being alone with your Ferrari, to find a problem copy, etc.).

    If DNA is the first-time buyer, it also means that there is no "little" Ferrari, that all owners are welcome, that it is not a question of flattering egos, and that events are organized in such a way that the cost is not prohibitive for some owners.

    Very quickly the articles of the blog are oriented only Ferrari, the name becomes Ferrarista.fr and the readers ask me to add a forum there. Because on the blog, they can only discuss the subject of my articles, which limits the discussions.

    3. Ferrarista is a community

    After several months of reflection, because I know from experience how long a forum will ask me to walk well, the forum Ferrarista is created in late 2011. It starts with a small group that already knows the blog, met on Ferrari events and appreciates. Immediately, the friendly tone is given to the forum.


    Some ideas complete to ensure a good start, such as creating a Ferrari owner status. This makes it possible to know that the one who writes intervenes knowingly, and ensures the credibility of the forum. This requires the owners to meet to obtain the precious sesame, to go from virtual to real, so increases the friendliness.


    Some members ask me who pays for all this (the site, the software, the domain name, the storage space, ...)? Me all alone ? It's not possible, how can they contribute? Thus was born the idea of the Ferrarista sticker, to affix on your windshields, which makes it possible to recognize oneself on the Ferrari events and to ensure the perenniality of the site.



    4. Help you live the best possible experience with your Ferrari

    Once Ferrarista has helped you to take the plunge, to acquire your Ferrari, what to do then? We accompany you every day, so that you do not stay alone in your corner, so that you can live the best Ferrari experience possible, accompanied by expert owners. Ferrari can not bring it to you, but the other owners, who want to live something special with their Ferrari, yes!

    The best possible experience, it begins to succeed to preserve our initial spirit: of the conviviality, no headache (reason for which Ferrarista is not an association), of the simplicity, the quality in the reception which is offered to you by the Ferrarista community.



    The best possible experience is also the quality of the help you find there. How to find the best insurance? Where to service my Ferrari? How to meet other cool owners near my home? I have such noise / worry, have you ever met it? How much will it cost me? etc.


    5. From virtual to real: 10 years of Ferrari events

    The best experience is also the opportunity for you to participate in the best Ferrari events. Ferrarista allows you to easily meet other owners like you on the internet. The next natural step is to meet them in real life with your Ferrari.



    It is impossible to list all the Ferrari events that we organized, or in which we participated, with Ferrarista. The list would be really long, especially if we add all the local events organized by members of the Ferrarista community.



    To name just a few, there was the organization of the 15 years of the Ferrari F355, trips to Maranello and Mille Miglia, charity events in Le Havre, ... we participated in the 500 Ferrari against cancer, at the Le Mans Classic, at the Chantily Arts and Elegance elegance contest, at the baptisms of the GT du coeur at the Telethons, at the 70th anniversary of Ferrari at Maranello, etc.

    6. The next 10 years of Ferrarista

    This article is necessarily too short! There would be so many things to tell you about choices, anecdotes, meetings, ... there is enough to write you an entire book!


    10 years, we have to celebrate it, it's an important step, and we did it in Maranello! A beautiful Ferrarista dinner was organized in September during the 70th anniversary of Ferrari in Maranello. It allowed us to bring together a good fifty members. A big moment !

    10 years is also an opportunity to remember where we come from to better prepare the future. How do you see it? For example, since we are on a blog, which articles would you like to see published? What are your problems as a Ferrari owner today, for which we could provide an answer? What experiences would you like to live with the Ferrarista community?



    The Ferrari 458 Speciale has the most powerful V8 atmospheric engine ever produced by Ferrari. As such, and because it is part of the line of special series like the Ferrari Challenge Stradale and Ferrari 430 Scuderia, it retains a very strong rating.



    Is it the right time to buy a Ferrari 458 Speciale? Should you keep it? What to expect at the wheel and in terms of cost of use? You will get the most relevant information from an owner. @458, member of Ferrarista, who has had one for several years, gives you his experience feedback with his Ferrari 458 Speciale.




    Franck :  What is, quickly, your car experience and why did you choose the Ferrari 458 Speciale?


    458 : My first sportscar was a Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9L: it represented in 1986 the small sportscar that was ideal by its size, its performance and its reasonable price (93 200 Francs).


    After the Peugeot 405 Mi16, the BMW M3 marked my career by their performance likely to compete with the Porsche and their versatility, allowing you just as much to turn on the circuit as to go on weekends.


    Then the attraction of driving on the track made me choose a Porsche 997 GT3 then a Nissan GTR.




    Franck : What were your criteria for buying a Ferrari 458 Speciale and how did you get that copy?


    458 : I was very satisfied with my Ferrari 458 Italia: it marked a considerable progress in terms of reliability and finish at Ferrari until the day (March 13, 2015) I tried a Ferrari 458 Speciale. The exceptional handling, the surgical direction, the V8 of anthology developing 135cv / l at 9000 r / min, associated with a gearbox as fast as effective immediately conquered me.


    I decided to order one and configure MY Speciale! Rosso Corsa, NART bands, harness ... It was delivered to me on July 11, 2015.




    Franck :  Immediately after the purchase, what was you fiordt feelingwhile driving your Ferrari 458 speciale?


    458 : The feeling of having the chance to own an anthology Ferrari in the line of the Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia: the culmination of this line of exceptional sportscars with a rear central atmospheric engine.


    The sensation of being in osmosis with this Speciale is enjoyable: the instinctive steering places the front without latency, where the eyes are placed. The engine without any inertia responds to the slightest solicitation of the right foot and climbs to the red line at 9000 rpm in an inexhaustible breath and the pilotsportcup2 tires, once at temperature, provide an impressive grip.




    Franck : Can you tell us about the costs involved for a normal use of the Ferrari 458Speciale?


    458 :  Ferrari offers free maintenance for 7 years.


    I had no problems, neither mechanics nor electronics, and the finish is at the level of what we can expect from a sportcar today.


    There is no depreciation since the rating of the Speciale is high. Its value will only increase in time.

    The very reasonable usage costs are therefore limited to insurance costs (2000 Eur / year), fuel (20l / 100KM) and consumables if used on circuit.


    Franck : And if you had to do it again ?


    458 :  Without hesitation, I would order again a Ferrari 458 Speciale. I do not intend to part with it!


    Franck :  Thank you @458 for these very interesting returns!




    If you own a Ferrari 458 Speciale, what other information would you add to those who want to buy one? If you are thinking of buying a Ferrari 458 Speciale, what questions do you ask yourself about it before taking the plunge?

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    Christmas 2017 is fast approaching. What gift to offer, or what gift could please you, related to the Ferrari world? And if possible easy to order and quick to receive? Here is our selection to help you in this critical moment, so as not to deceive you:


    1. Ferrari - 70 ans de modèles mythiques


    The year 2017 is marked by the 70 years of Ferrari, and many books were released on this occasion. This book written by the team of the magazine Sport Auto, retraces the history of Ferrari through its mythical models. In this book that has just been published, you will find anecdotes, analyzes and statistics.




    Ferrari - 70 ans de modèles mythiquesir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=226315


    2. Ferrari - Les 70 ans de la Scuderia


    Always written by the team of Sport Auto, this book focuses on the history of racing Ferrari and legendary drivers who ran for the brand with the prancing horse. In particular, you will find the history of Ferrari in F1 with the legend of Michael Schumacher, Gilles Villeneuve, Niki Lauda, etc.




    Ferrari - Les 70 ans de La Scuderiair?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=226315


    3. Ferrari, 70 years


    Another beautiful book dedicated to the 70 years of Ferrari, which was written by Dennis Adler, historian and photographer. This is an American book, translated into French, which traces the entire Ferrari adventure, since the beginning of Enzo Ferrari. Interesting especially for the links between Ferrari and the United States, with the models designed specifically for this market.




    Ferrari, 70 ansir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B01NAD


    4. Ferrari, the best

    This book was written by an Italian, Leo Turini, specialist in F1 and in particular Ferrari. It tells the story of Ferrari, its legendary models, its victories in competition, Enzo Ferrari, but also its fans, owners and iconic places related to Ferrari.




    FERRARI, THE BESTir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=285120


    5. Ferrari - 2018 calendar

    This time, you will find beautiful photos of Ferrari's legendary models, taken in the studio, to accompany you throughout the year 2018. You will have every day under the eyes the sublime Ferrari 250 GTO, the Ferrari 250 GT SWB , the Ferrari 250 LM, etc.




    Ferrari - 2018 Calendar


    6. Thrustmaster - Ferrari T300 steering wheel with alcantara - Replica of the Ferrari 599XX

    A Ferrari-licensed return force steering wheel, in true alcantara, the same as in the Ferrari, and with the associated pedals. You will believe you're driving the fabulous Ferrari 599XX EVO with your games on PC and PlayStation.


    Thrustmaster - Volant T300 Ferrari Steering Wheel Alcantara Edition - Replica of the Ferrari 599XX Evo- PC/PS3/PS4ir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B014UO


    7. Kyosho - Ferrari 250 GTO 


    A magnificent Ferrari 250 GTO at home ... at 1 / 18th for a fraction of its price! Made by Kyosho, which guarantees the attention to detail and quality of manufacture. The copy reproduced is # 8437R which was produced in 1962.



    Kyosho - 8437R - Ferrari 250 Gto - 1962 - Echelle 1/18 - Rougeir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B01LY5


    8. Scuderia Ferrari watch

    And why not a beautiful Ferrari watch, which you can wear every day, to always remember the one in your garage? Several colors are available, according to your tastes, including this Rosso Corsa from the Scuderia Ferrari.



    Scuderia Ferrari Watch 830387ir?t=commentdeve08-21&l=am2&o=8&a=B01MT6


    What gift related to the Ferrari world did you plan to offer or did you ask in your list to Santa?

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    Where should you have your Ferrari serviced?


    The Ferrari California, in its version that appeared in 2009, represents a great commercial success for Ferrari, which brought a new clientele to the brand. Its residual value remains important and finding a good example is difficult, as for any Ferrari. How to do ? What are the associated costs? What to do to find one and how does it feel once his steering wheel is in your hands? The best thing is to ask these questions to an owner and it is @Calif38 who tells us about his acquisition.




    Franck: What is your driving career quickly and why did you choose the Ferrari California?


    Calif38: My first was a Renault 5 GT Turbo, it was the time of the first job and of driving in rallies. Then it was my first convertible, a Renault 19 Karman, with romantic outings: Corsica, Loire Valley and its castles.


    And my 3rd car was a Miata, for its evocation of English 60s car, in a modern version, reliable and comfortable. Then a BMW Z4 35i DKG for its interior / exterior design and its evocation of the BMW 507, another leading automotive design, elegance and lifestyle. Ferrari was for me a dream like any passionate kid who collected the Burago models and closely followed the release of the Ferrari Testa Rossa and the Ferrari  F40.




    Franck: What were your criteria for buying a Ferrari California and how did you find that copy?  


    Calif38: Ferrari was a brand unthinkable for its acquisition and maintenance costs until my professional and personal situation led me to realize that it is not really inaccessible anymore. It started with meeting a Ferrari 250 GT in Grigio and when I come across a Ferrari California 30 at Pozzi in the same shade. I find the evocation of a legendary former convertible, event a CC, with a motorization of character and interior design and level of finish in my taste.


    But owning a Porsche also tempts me and during a visit to a pro who offers a 991 and a Ferrari California, I felt in love for this model in Grigio Medio, an historic hue. This is my favorite and the copy is perfect, with a clear history and a big service just done. It had 18,000 km and still under a Power Warranty. She had only 2 owners in 6 years.





    Franck: Immediately after the purchase, what has impressed you the most on your Ferrari California?  


    Calif38: My Ferrari experience begins then. An experience of all senses, sight, smell, it has a subtle fragrance between leather luggage and a discreet smell of beautiful mechanics. It is a pure happiness and a reconquest each time. On board, we feel this DNA race, performance. Its chassis is remarkable, a direction and a millimeter placement, a perfect load distribution.  


    A comfortable, efficient car, with which it is possible to cruise quietly or accelerate strong enough to stay together with others Ferrari F430, on very sinuous and rolling portions. It is a versatile model, a successful synthesis between a sportivness and comfort thanks to a fantastic gearbox.  


    Franck: Can you tell us about the costs involved for normal use of a Ferrari California?  


    Calif38: I just did the annual service for 1,000 euros. During the first kilometers, I found a lot of soot on the rear bumper. This phenomenon disappeared after 1,500 km, probably due to an urban use by the previous owner.


    It is a vehicle that gives us, with my wife, a lot of pleasure and reactivate a passion for the automobile and the brand.





    Franck: And if you had to do it again?  


    Calif38: We are very happy with our choice and had the chance to be at the 70th anniversary of Ferrari in Maranello and live this with our two teenagers who had the banana smile.


    We think to keep this model in a rare combo and have the desire to own a second one. A V12? The dream or a rear V8, for more sportivness, which allowed to live the passion on the sporting side without competing with our GT model and in this case a spider once again ...





    A big THANK YOU to @Calif38 for all these details!  


    If you own a Ferrari California, what elements would you add to help those who want to buy this model? If you are looking for one, what are the questions you want to ask about it?  


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    Long term test: Matmatlr's Ferrari 348

    On Monday October 16, 2017, Ferrarista members were invited by the Modena Motors dealership to drive their Ferrari on the Anneau du Rhin circuit, as well as to test the Ferrari and Maserati ranges. A good opportunity to spend great time with other members, to make you happy driving your Ferrari and to forge your own opinion on the current range, even if the trap ... is to succumb to the novelty. Many members participated in all or part of the event, including @Ga68, @bernwizard, @JMM91, @Zaz, @Cyril68, @F355QV70, @Blaze, @Giallo-54.
    Ferrarista dinner at the Domaine du Moulin in Ensisheim
    Sunday, October 15, for members who came from far away and the locals not available the next day, was organized a Ferrari cruising on the most beautiful roads in the area. Some did not hesitate to make more than 500 kilometers for the occasion! A great sun, beautiful landscapes, enthusiasts, what more?
    A dinner was then organized to discover and enjoy local specialties. It allowed all the group present to get to know each other, before turning on the circuit the next day. Thank you to @Zaz for the organization of this dinner and hotel reservations. The Domaine du Moulin in Essisheim was perfect! Wine for breakfast and homemade jams, we are not ready to forget! There was even the pool and sauna for those who took the time.
    Anneau du Rhin circuit
    The next day, on the Anneau du Rhin circuit, the track is in free access. This allows everyone to go at their own pace. An instructor is available to improve your driving throughout the day. The top, on a track where few vehicles drive at the same time.
    These sessions also allow you to see and hear other Ferrari on the track, including the new Ferrari 812 Superfast and Ferrari GTC4Lusso. The sound of their V12 at full load is remarkable, compared to that of the V8, which are however not left out. The sound level is the highest at the passage of the Ferrari F430 Challenge. It has no road homologation standards to follow, while they have not stopped reducing the volume of Ferrari in recent years.
    The lunch allowed you to admire the old Ferrari concession present on the spot, on which give the bay windows of the room of the meal. Cars, especially racing cars, are always stored there. Lunch is also an opportunity to discuss further with all participants.
    Testing the Ferrari and Maserati ranges
    The highlight of the day, from my point of view, were the tests of the Ferrari and Maserati ranges. Everyone booked a slot and a vehicle at the Modena Motors dealership before coming. But in the end we could test more than expected.
    For my part, I started my tests with the Ferrari 488 Spider. It's the one I reserved. She was white and convertible, to enjoy the big sun that day. I pass on the first meters realized in automatic mode. At 50 km/h, you are already on the 7th gear, in a silence and comfort such that you are no longer in my definition of a Ferrari. I understand that it meets the needs of a certain clientele.
    So I moved quickly into more sporty modes by turning the manettino. And here it is immediately more enjoyable! The sound is omnipresent, despite the turbos, and even more at low revs. It's very nice, especially since the car is very responsive. I was able to make a second test as a passenger, which confirmed me as it is fabulous as a sportcar usable daily.
    The Ferrari 812 Superfast is not in the same league. You are in a coupe, sitting almost on the rear wheels, it is more impressive with its 800 horsepowers! But the grip is just as easy, in automatic mode at 50 km/h on the 7th gear. Everyone can drive it!
    If you turn the manettino and raise the tone, it is however very different. The elasticity of the engine and the sound of the V12 have nothing to do with the Ferrari 488. The way the power is delivered either. And what is very impressive is the agility in fast turns, thanks to the four-wheel steering! A ballerina. And probably my favorite test. A world separates it from the Ferrari 599 GTB, which is already a superb Ferrari.
    I also tested the Ferrari GTC4Lusso. I'm not a fan of the look, but inside, to travel with your family, it's fabulous. The V12 is present, with its qualities, including vocalises. It is not a sportcar, as the 812 Superfast knows to be if it is needed, but a very good GT.
    After having made a second test in the rear passenger seat, the electrochromic roof is essential, because it gives the impression, behind, that you are the front passenger. You enjoy a panoramic view that avoids any feeling of clautrophobia, in its rear seats that are comfortable but not very big.
    When is the next time?
    I had a great time thanks to the members present and the Modena Motors dealership. Thank you ! A big thank-you ! Too bad there were not even more members of Ferrarista to enjoy this event. Maybe for the next, because it was a first.
    And you, what was your opinion on this release, if you participated? And if not, do you think that this type of event should be reiterated? Would you participate? How can we improve it? Thank you for your feedback.
    Ferrari has just celebrated its 70th birthday in Maranello and fifty members of Ferrarista made the trip for the occasion. Half went on a five-day trip organized by Ferrarista. So what did you have access to? Was the trip worth it? What did the members of Ferrarista have seen? What could Ferrari owners see from this anniversary?
    Ferrari Parade Ferrari in Maranello
    Ferrari had organized a rally from several major cities in Europe. But we decided to go directly to Maranello to make the most of the festivities there ... and to make some complementary visits (Pagani, Maserati, Lamborghini, etc.).

    On Saturday morning, September 10, we were on the Via Abetone Inferiore, in Maranello, which passes in front of the historic entrance of the factory Ferrari, to enjoy the parade of the 120 Ferrari participating in the contest of elegance. The rally organized by Ferrari with the modern Ferrari did not arrive until late afternoon.
    This parade was really impressive. I've seen a lot of them, but never as many priceless old Ferraris in a row. Imagine the Mille Miglia whose all cars would be uniquely Ferrari. Huge ! All in an excited atmosphere, with lots of spotters filming and taking pictures. There are people, but not too many. You can see the Ferraris, who pass twice in the street.
    Exhibition of the contest of elegance in Modena

    Saturday morning, these 120 Ferrari of the contest of elegance then leave for Modena. We return to the hotel to take our Ferrari. Fortunately, the hotel is located only 200 meters from the historic entrance of the Ferrari factory and we are quickly in our Ferrari. It was our turn to parade in convoy in Maranello, which means that we find ourselves on many videos and photos of spotters. A few seconds of glory ... but it is always a pleasure to be in a video about such an event.
    We arrive in Modena at the same time as the convoy of the 120 Ferrari of the contest of elegance because we took the fast lane. The police and organizers force us to follow the 120 Ferrari convoy. It's always a pleasure to be at the heart of the party! At the Ferrari Museum in Modena, we arrive when the 120 Ferrari parade has just passed, which frees us some parking spaces just at the right time.
    We are then very close to the place of the Military Academy where all the Ferrari of the concours of elegance are exposed. We cross a park and we are there, just in time to see the latest Ferrari arrive, in an atmosphere worthy of the Mille Miglia in Brescia. The Ferrari gently crack the crowd and amazed.

    On the square, many people hurry to admire the Ferrari under a great sun. After seeing these Ferrari in motion, it's time to detail them at the stop. As always, when we return after the lunch break, there are far fewer people around the Ferrari. This is the perfect time to photograph them.

    Accreditation for the festivities of the 70 years of Ferrari
    But we are in a hurry! We had information that we, as owners of Ferrari, could withdraw accreditations to participate in the festivities of the 70 years of Ferrari on the circuit of Fiorano. Unbelievable ! It would be enough to provide the gray card of our car and two pieces of ID to get the pass for the owner and a companion.
    However Ferrari had disseminated the information that this would only be possible for owners registered for the rally and billed between 4 and 5,000 euros. Ferrari even asked the owners not to come tp this event if not registered for the rally. We want to go quickly to the Ferrari Museum in Maranello where the accreditations are provided, in case the number of places is limited or if this possibility is reduced to a few hours.
    On the spot, not everyone gets easy accreditation. It depends on the person behind the wicket, the speech held, the number of people, etc. But in the end, almost all the members of Ferrarista present manage to get their pass!
    Ferrari auction
    With our accreditations, we change our program to make the most of this opportunity. Let's go to the circuit of Fiorano where the festivities have started. Starting with the auction. An enormous open-air theater was mounted for the occasion at the edge of the circuit. Sales follow one another, filmed for live broadcast. Prices are high for some models. Others create the show, as when the Ferrari 333SP is on the podium. What a 12-cylinder sound!

    Many big booths have been mounted on this side of the track: an open-bar to quench your thirst, sponsor booths presenting their products and offering goodies, a booth of presentation of the all-new Ferrari Portofino, showing the rest of the Ferrari range, whose doors are open to you, etc. In the middle are exhibited by class, the 120 Ferrari of the concours of elegance. That's wonderful. On the second part of the circuit, the 500 Ferrari of the rally park as they arrive. The crowd jubilant before the entrance of the circuit asks them to roar the engine of their Ferrari.

    The Ferrarista dinner

    On Saturday night, Ferrarista created the event in the event with a dinner in the heart of Maranello. It brought together some fifty members in the best restaurant in the region, according to TripAdvisor: @Titof, @Stradale V8, @grhum, @Red and hot, @Boz352, @chris38, @Vincent993, @Calif38, @LINO27, @JMM91,  @Zaz, @VIF ECLAIR, @nico170781, @EZ98@bernwizard, @super_goozy, @308gt4, @ppi.sud77, @Dulabourd, @antorzr,@golfeur77@Trois cinquante cinq and their accompanying persons.
    It is the occasion to put heads on pseudonyms and to blow the candles of the 70 years of Ferrari and the 10 years of Ferrarista in a very good atmosphere. A birthday cake was even planned, giving us the opportunity to all sing together! The restaurant was excellent and the pouring rain, with many flashes, dissuaded the majority to continue the evening at the Ferrari show in Fiorano. It was broadcast on TV on the Rai. Jamiroquai, a great Ferrari enthusiast, sang 5 songs at the end of the show.
    The 500 Ferrari Rally
    Back in Fiorano on Sunday morning, we take the opportunity to see the 500 Ferrari from the rally that arrived the day before. They put the atmosphere in the street accessing Fiorano the day before, to the delight of the Tifosi who do not have access to the festivities at Fiorano.

    Of the 500 Ferrari, 95% are modern: several LaFerrari, dozens of Ferrari F12 TDF, many of the 350 Ferrari "tailor made" produced for the 70th bityhday of Ferrari, Ferrari 488, 458 Speciale, ... Extremely rare were the Ferrari 308/328/348 / F355 or the Testarossa / 512TR. But when you are passionate about Ferrari, it's a dream to detail all these cars, according to their combinations of colors and options, that give you ideas.
    Two members of Ferrarista who participated in the rally tell us that the roads, with Ferrari everywhere, were magnificent, and that the hotels and restaurants were very good. Two problems were reported. First of all, the roadbook provided stopped at Parma, so they did not know how to get to Maranello. That's why they arrived in scattered order and that there was no parade of the 500 Ferrari of the rally in Maranello. Too bad for the tifosi. Then the Ferrari were to stay in Fiorano on Saturday night and the owners were brought by bus to their hotel in Parma, more than an hour's drive. It's long.
    Visits to Ferrari, Pagani, Maserati and Lamborghini factories and museums

    Not being certain we could participate in much of the festivities for the 70th anniversary, we had booked a number of visits to factories and museums. We were thus assured not to make the trip for nothing.

    We visited the manufacture of Hublot watches, on our way to Maranello. Then the Maserati factory, the Pagani factory and museum, the Ferrari concession in Modena, the Maserati collection in Panini, the Ferrari museum in Modena, the Lamborghini museum in Sant'Agata Bolognese, the Scaglietti coachbuilder and the Ferrari factory, as well as the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. This makes you a relatively busy schedule, in which you do not get bored, interspersed with meals in excellent restorants related to Ferrari's history.

    Were you present at Ferrari's 70th birthday in Maranello? What did you remember? What did you prefer?
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    Were you advised to first look for the mechanic who will maintain your Ferrari before finding the Ferrari of your dreams? It is a good idea because its maintenance and history will be paramount so that your experience does not turn into a nightmare. And good specialists are rare, very rare. Finding the right one can take longer than finding the right Ferrari.


    So where do Ferrari owners go to do their routine maintenance? Which types of garages are preferred? By reading the forums, you might think that many are doing their own maintenance, given the number of discussions on the subject, or that official concessions, some complaining, should be avoided. But what is it actually? There is nothing better than a survey of the Ferrari owners to know the truth. And the results of this survey could be surprising.


    Survey characteristics


    The question asked to the Ferrari owners was simple: "Where do you maintain your Ferrari in 2017?". Not an exceptional intervention for which you prefer an official stamp or for a tire change, but just the annual maintenance of your Ferrari.

    Six answers were possible: in an official Ferrari dealership, in a specialized Ferrari garage, in a garage specializing in exceptional sports cars, in a non-specialized garage, in a car center, by yourself or by a friend.




    200 Ferrari owners replied (195 to be precise, at the time of the writing of this article), which represents a nice panel given the number of owners of Ferrari in France. It should be kept in mind that on Ferrarista the members are mainly first-time buyers and enthusiasts, that is to say that they reflect rather the majority of the owners of Ferrari, compared to the minority who buys new Ferrari or multi-million Ferrari.

    For more details, you can find this poll here: Click HERE to see the poll


    In an official Ferrari dealership


    One-third of Ferrarista's members carry out their revisions in an official Ferrari dealership. This may seem like a lot to you, if like me you regularly read on the forum feedback sometimes negative about concessions. But it should not be forgotten that on the forums people rarely intervene to say that everything is fine, and especially when they are not happy. And regarding an official Ferrari dealership, it can be expected that their level of requirement is as high as possible.

    A part of this relatively high score is explained by the fact that the Ferrari sold new since 2012 have a free maintenance contract in concession for 7 years . This contract is transmitted to the resale of your Ferrari, few buyers keeping their Ferrari for 7 years. This assures Ferrari that during 7 years the maintenance will be done in concession. This allows the owner to retain the manufacturer's warranty, which is often extended for a fee (Power Warranty).

    Another part of the score is explained by the fact that many owners think about resale: the official stamp of a Ferrari dealers reassures the future buyer. For him, this stamp means that it is not a stranger who worked on this Ferrari, it is someone trained by the factory. The official standards of the mark were respected, with original parts. Traceability of the interventions on this Ferrari is then ensured by the Ferrari network.

    The survey does not go down in this level of detail, but you can expect that the score achieved by official Ferrari dealerships would be much higher if it were only for the recent Ferraris, those less than 10 years old, for example.




    Ferrari Specialist


    The Ferrari specialists' score is the same as the concessions, which is a good score. Often these workshops are run by people who have worked in official Ferrari dealerships. They know the models well, were trained by the factory and kept links with the concessions (for the purchase of parts in particular).

    Their advantage is that their tariffs are lower than those of an official concession and that they can offer a customized service à la carte, which is not permitted by the industrialization of concessions. They may spend more time solving a complex outage or adjusting small details (such as a squeak heard at a particular location) that annoy an owner but take time to resolve.

    Ferrari specialists also offer the advantage of being closer geographically than concessions, which for some owners are several hundred kilometers away. This is not practical.


    Exceptional sports specialist


    Specialists in exceptional sports won 16% of the vote, which is half the size of the official Ferrari dealerships or Ferrari specialists. It is a good score because the Ferrari are very technically sharp. It is necessary to have the specific equipment (suitcase for example for electronics).

    This good score is probably explained in part because the owners of Ferrari have mostly owned other sports before. If they know a good specialist, they keep it . Good addresses are rare. If they have seen regular Ferraris in maintenance with this specialist, they remain there with less apprehension.

    There is also the case of owners of Ferrari who own several cars, a small collection, for which all maintenance is carried out at the same specialist of confidence.

    Unlike the official Ferrari dealerships, you might expect that the specialist score (Ferrari specialists or specialists in exceptional sports) would be even more important if this poll focused on the old Ferraris, those of more than 15 Or 20 years for example.


    Non-specialized garage


    The score achieved by non-specialized garages is 2.75%. This is a low but logical score: Ferrari are sharp cars that require specific skills and experience. You can imagine that the owners who carry out maintenance of their Ferrari in a non-specialized garage do so because they know the garage very well and / or because their Ferrari is old and does not require the current technology. They will rather be owners who wish to keep their Ferrari, who do not need the stamp of a dealership to reassure a buyer, and just wish for a job well done at the best price.




    Center car


    The choice of car center had been added in this survey a bit like a provocation: car centers are widely used in the world of car maintenance but you do not think of it to maintain your Ferrari! The score is very low at 0.55%, which seems logical. But the exception exists, as do the competent car centers.


    You or a friend


    16% of the owners of Ferrari indicated to carry out the routine maintenance of their Ferrari themselves or by a friend. This means 1 owner out of 6, which is a significant score.

    Carrying out routine maintenance, in this case an annual review, remains relatively easy. We would not have the same score for more complicated procedures, such as changing belts with engine removal, for example. Even though tutorials made by owners who have done so are relatively numerous on the forum.

    A forum naturally attracts more owners who have technical questions , because they do some operations themselves. This population can therefore be over-represented in this survey, compared to all Ferrari owners.

    This figure also reflects the share of older Ferrari owners who are easier to maintain, and that you keep longer because you are less attracted by the acquisition of the latest novelty.




    In short, one-third of the owners go on concessions, one-third to a Ferrari specialist, and the remaining third go to a specialist in exceptional cars and half to self-made work. Prior to this survey, were you expecting such a distribution? Which score surprised you the most? What other reasons do you see for explaining the results?


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    Ferrari 308 and 328 buying guide

    Si vous pensez acheter une Ferrari, la question du coût de l'assurance est primordiale pour établir votre budget. On imagine facilement que l'assurance d'une Ferrari soit hors de prix. Si vous possédez déjà une Ferrari, la question se pose de savoir si vous payez le juste prix. Comment le savoir ? Le mieux est de poser la question aux propriétaires. Voici le résultat d'un sondage, réalisé auprès des membres de Ferrarista, sur le montant qu'ils paient en 2017 pour assurer leur Ferrari.
    Un panel représentatif de propriétaires de Ferrari
    Le panel des propriétaires de Ferrari ayant répondu est significatif car il représente plus de 75 propriétaires de Ferrari. Cela peut paraître peu, on ne parle pas de milliers de répondants, mais il faut se rappeler que Ferrari vend moins de 200 voitures en France chaque année. Le chiffre est donc représentatif, en particulier de la communauté Ferrarista, qui regroupe en majorité des primo-accédants qui ont économisé pendant des années pour réaliser leur rêve de Ferrari.
    En lisant les coûts d'assurance présentés dans ce sondage, attention de tenir compte du fait que de nombreux critères sont pris en compte dans le prix d'une assurance, en plus de ceux discutés plus bas. La localisation du risque (lieu où le véhicule est garé), la restriction sur le nombre de kilomètres ou le fait de pouvoir rouler sur circuit en font partie, par exemple.

    60% des propriétaires paient moins de 1 000 euros par an
    Environ 20%, soit 1 propriétaire de Ferrari sur 5, paie moins de 750 euros par an pour assurer sa Ferrari. Environ 60% paient moins de 1 000 euros par an. Sauf rare exception, il s'agit de tarifs en assurance tous risques. Ce n'est pas cher pour ce type d'autos, si vous tenez compte de leur valeur et du coût probable des réparations, lorsque nécessaires. Un jeune conducteur paiera plus cher pour assurer une voiture valant à peine quelques milliers d'euros.
    Pourquoi le prix de l'assurance est-il relativement bas pour une Ferrari ? D'une part, les Ferrari sont très peu volées. Elles sont rares et dorment dans des garages bien gardés. Leurs propriétaires sont relativement âgés, le temps d'avoir mis de côté la somme nécessaire pour cet achat, qui passe après l'achat de la résidence principale et l'éducation des enfants. Ils ont donc, dans la grande majorité des cas, 50% de bonus depuis des années. Enfin, une Ferrari est un rêve, donc leurs propriétaires prennent majoritairement grand soin de leur Ferrari et roulent peu avec. Le risque pour l'assureur est donc bien plus faible que pour la voiture qui vous amène au travail, dort dans la rue et parcourt 12 000 kilomètres par an en moyenne.
    Seuls 8% paient plus de 1 500 euros par an
    26% des propriétaires paient un coût compris entre 1 000 et 1 250 euros. C'est un sur quatre. Nous sommes en général sur des Ferrari valant plus de 100 000 euros. Environ 8% paient un prix compris entre 1 250 et 1 500 euros et 8% plus de 1 500 euros. Il s'agit alors des Ferrari les plus chères et/ou de propriétaires présentant plus de risques.
    Vous devez tenir compte, dans l'analyse de ces résultats, du fait que les Ferrari les plus chères sont aussi les plus rares, et qu'en majorité leurs propriétaires n'ont pas le temps de venir discuter sur un forum. Ils se retrouvent donc sous-représentés dans notre panel.
    Comment trouver la bonne compagnie d'assurance pour votre Ferrari ?
    Lorsque vous cherchez à assurer votre Ferrari, vous ne pourrez pas bénéficier des services des comparateurs d'assurance en ligne. Une grande partie des compagnies d'assurances, celles qui réalisent le plus de publicité pour attirer le grand public, n'assurent pas les Ferrari. Inutile donc de contacter Direct Assurance.
    Pour obtenir les meilleurs garanties et les meilleurs tarifs, il faut vous adresser aux assureurs spécialisés sur ce marché. Nous l'avons vu, ce marché est spécifique en terme de risques. Si vous passez par un assureur traditionnel, vous mutualisez vos risques avec des assurés qui ont plus souvent que vous besoin de faire jouer leur assurance, ce qui augmente le montant de votre prime d'assurance.
    Pour vous aider à trouver le meilleur prix pour assurer votre Ferrari, voici quelques noms d'assureurs les plus souvent cités par les membres de Ferrarista, sans ordre particulier :
    Le cabinet Rémy Parisseaux au Mans (72100)
    Le courtier Jeanne d'Arc Assurances à Saint Jean de Braye (45800)
    Le cabinet Jacques Assurances à Caveirac (30800)
    Pour obtenir des exemples concrets de prix selon le modèle de Ferrari à assurer, aller lire les commentaires des propriétaires sur le sujet suivant sur le forum Ferrarista :
    Que vous inspirent les résultats de ce sondage ? Quelle est votre analyse de ces chiffres ? Combien payez-vous d'assurance pour votre Ferrari et quel assureur recommanderiez-vous ?
    Si cet article vous a plu, vous aimerez aussi :
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    - Trouvez la meilleure assurance pour votre Ferrari en 15 min.
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